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we're a group of volunteers and community members who deeply care about issues and want to find solutions together.

Sean Cruz

Content Creator, Outreach 

Q. Why do you care about human rights? 

A. I care because I want to see the improvement of the community around me and be an active part in the work of fighting different injustices happening today.


jesse murray

Publicity and Outreach 

Q. Why do you care about human rights? 

A. Because it’s right for us to care. I grew up in a small family and a middle-class background. I opened my eyes to many things happening to good people, and I have not been able to turn away from their stories since.


Greg burkhart

Content Writer, Website Maintenance

Q. Why do you care about human rights? 

A. It’s the rights of everyone, including you and me, our loved ones, the strangers down the street. It’s something every single person should care fundamentally about and help protect.


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