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the history of the fight for women’s rights

Oppression has been a big topic and a serious issue since then and even until present time. 

It is identified as the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.The saddest and heartbreaking part of it is in the position of the victims. Many individuals and groups of people have been through such things, but the most oppressed among all that is written and engraved on the book of history are women.

Women have never truly gotten an equal and fair chance to exercise their free will and speak to what’s inside their minds. Whether they are black, brown, pink, white, and all colors in between. Even young, old, rich were not exempted and most especially poor women and girls, and no matter what religion, denomination, and ethnic group they belong.

Looking back and tracing the history, it is a certain fact that women were the one who underwent a lot of misfortune, treated as wimp, and even experienced being tortured. Slavery to woman become ubiquitous, as men see themselves as the ruler.


Why fight for women’s rights and freedoms today?

As the world continues to advance and move forward, women should also be given a greater opportunity to showcase their innate power and not let any forms of oppression hinder them to accomplish bigger things.

Oppression against women is still inevitable even in this era despite the accomplishments women have shown. That word—power—takes on different dimensions viewed through a gendered lens. Power is most often associated with strength, which in turn is linked to physical prowess or financial might. The default assumption is that all of society benefits when men are raised to become powerful—their families, their communities, their places of work and worship. When women talk about exerting power or flexing their collective might by coming together, the assumptions are very different. It’s too often seen as a zero-sum game, in which women gain power at the expense of men and at the peril of larger society. However, it shouldn’t be the ending point for women. Each woman has its unique characteristics and will power. It should be an awakening lesson to all, not take any advantage towards women and see them equally as men.





learn about the injustices women and girls face today


Females have actually never ever absolutely obtained a reasonable and also equivalent opportunity to exercise their free choice and also speak with what’s inside their minds. Whether they are black, brownish, pink, white, as well as all shades in between. Also young, old, abundant were not spared and also most specifically inadequate ladies as well as women, as well as whatever religious beliefs, religion, and also ethnic team they belong.

Recalling as well as mapping the background, it is a particular reality that females were the one that undertook a great deal of misery, dealt with as wimp, as well as also experienced being hurt. Enslavement to lady end up being common, as males see themselves as the leader.

It is determined as the workout of authority or power in a difficult, harsh, or unjustified manner.The saddest as well as heartbreaking component of it remains in the placement of the targets. Several people and also teams of individuals have actually been via such points, yet one of the most oppressed amongst all that is created as well as etched on guide of background are females.


Sex equal rights is a concern dealt with by every solitary female in the globe, there is a high opportunity that the sporting activities sector is the location that experiences the most with this trouble. As the Simone Biles quote over recommends, it’s not concerning ladies matching the success of male professional athletes, it’s concerning permitting females in sporting activities to contend on the very same phase.

Ladies are externalized by followers, analysts, as well as also instructors since individuals look at ladies’s sporting activities as a display for their satisfaction. Women professional athletes have to deal with sexist remarks coming specifically from guys that assume these women professional athletes aren’t gifted or solid adequate to carry out well.

The subject that triggers the greatest irritation for women professional athletes is the inequality of pay in between sexes. Instances of women professional athletes that have actually involved the media to eliminate for their legal rights have actually ended up being much more preferred throughout the current years. One current situation which entailed the USA ladies’s and also males’s football groups raised a limitless conversation concerning equivalent settlement in sporting activities in between sexes.


From an international viewpoint, one of the largest difficulties dealing with ladies is academic inequality. Regardless of the numerous gains of modern-day feminist motions in the Americas, Africa, Asia as well as past, numerous still think that females are much less deserving of the exact same instructional possibilities paid for to guys.

In several nations, females are still compelled to be lawfully as well as socially subservient to males, with no ways of obtaining social or economic freedom, a lot less equivalent company. A worldwide females’s motion need to therefore concentrate on producing social as well as lawful problems in which guys as well as females have equivalent accessibility to nourishment, health and wellness treatment, education and learning, tasks and also the capability to regulate their bodies and also pick a companion.


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